Wireless Spy Camera Jammer for sale

Wireless Spy Camera Jammer for sale
Wireless Spy Camera Jammer | Spy Wireless Video Camera Wifi Bluetooth Signal Jammer

Wireless Spy Camera Jammer Ensure Your Privacy with a Cutting-Edge Spy Camera WiFi and Bluetooth Blocker! Shield yourself from prying eyes and potential eavesdroppers with our state-of-the-art portable device designed to jam wireless spy cameras, WiFi, and Bluetooth signals within the 900MHz to 2.4GHz range.

Put an end to invasive wireless video, wireless LAN, and Bluetooth-enabled spy cameras with this remarkable WiFi jammer. In today’s world of wireless communication, safeguarding your privacy has never been more critical, and this gadget is the perfect solution. Operating effectively within a 30-meter radius, this user-friendly jammer covers frequencies between 900MHz and 2.5GHz, effectively neutralizing all mentioned video cameras.


Wireless Camera Jammer Anti Spy
Silence and Peace with our Bluetooth Jammer Designed as a discreet Bluetooth jammer, this compact unit can be easily concealed in your pocket or briefcase. It comes equipped with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries and a universal charging adapter. Enjoy uninterrupted serenity by breaking the connection between large portable Bluetooth speakers and their sound sources.
Ціна: 200,00
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